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Quick Recap: Chargers 23-Colts 17

Yep, it pretty much sucks to lose like that. Last year, it was Michael Turner who beat the Colts. This year, Darren Sproles. The Colts also shot themselves in the foot a bit, committing three big penalties on the final drive to help the Chargers win. The Chargers pretty much own our Colts of late, especially in the playoffs.

It's a tough loss, but no loss is easy. In the end, it was a knockdown, drag out fight between two hot teams, and it went into OT to boot. As we said all week, regular season records mean nothing. If they did, the game wouldn't have been in San Diego. This was the start of a new season, and unfortunately the Chargers get to advance.

For now, drown your sorrows in alcohol. Kiss your wife. Tell your kids you love them. All that stuff. Losses are hard, but our team is resilient and will get better.

Discuss the game, and the season here. Vent if you need to. But always, Go Colts!