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Player Review: Jacob Tamme


Tamme was expected by many to take the second TE spot after a very good preseason (10 for 133, 2 TDs in 4 games).

Jacob Tamme = stud. I think he just passed Gijon Robinson on the depth chart. -BBS on Aug. 17th

The rookie  (Tamme) is expected to slip right into Ben Utecht's role as Dallas Clark's partner in two tight end sets. -Rotoworld, Aug 10

It didn't work out that way as Tamme was placed behind Gijon on the H-back depth chart and stuck behind Clark and Gijon again (though they would go 3 WR before asking Gijon to be Dallas) as the TE.

Tamme played 12 games, 9 of which were exclusively on special teams (he recorded 2 ST tackles and returned a kickoff 11 yards). In his 3 games working with the offense he caught 3 passes for 12 yards.



Tamme looked great early on, but we all forgot, ignored or wishful thought away that he was a 6'3" 236lb rookie TE. Despite his excellent preseason the bigger more experienced Gijon Robinson got the nod over Tamme. Tamme's knee injury that cost him a month (weeks 2-5) came at a unfortunate time. With Tamme out Santi played in all 3 games and was a part of the offense (putting up all his recieving stats in those 3 games).

Contract: Tamme is signed through 2011, minimum salary last year, future years unknown, 420K signing bonus.

Tamme has probably been locked into the Colts weightroom for the duration of the offseason. Hopefully by camp Tamme will be a strong enough blocker to push Gijon and Santi for the #2 TE spot. Either way he'll continue to be Clark's backup and understudy in the recieving game.