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Player Review: Joseph Addai


We'll start with one of the more controversial players on the roster.



Games Carries Yards YPC TD Fumb Lost DYAR DVOA Suc Rate Rec Yds TDs DYAR Catch%
12 155 544 3.5 5 1 1 34(32nd) -1.3%(28th) 48%(14th) 25 206 2 40(28th) 64%

Addai has two years remaining on his contract, with a 1.7mil cap charge in 09 and 2.3mil in 2010.

The most alphabetical Colt struggled this year. Career lows across the board. How much of it you put on the line, how much on injury and how much on Addai and his running style depends on the person, but none of the Colts other backs had significantly more success and Addai was a much better back in his first two years.

Addai is a healthy offseason and a bit of OL improvement away from being a great 1a back again. He is too injury prone to carry the full load, but his consistent running, great recieving and excellent pass blocking is a huge boost to the Colts offense. Addai should get 50-70% of the carries depending on his health and the back he's sharing time with.

Addai, thoughts, go.