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Marvin Harrison Case Dropped by Philly DA: Sal Paolantonio and ESPN look like hacks once again

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As we have reported here since last May, despite what ESPN, Fanhouse, Philly's WIP Radio, and several other news outlets have tried to fabricate, Marvin Harrison did not shoot anyone and isn't going to be charged with any crime:

Philadelphia district attorney Lynne Abraham said today she will not charge Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison with weapons charges stemming from an April 29 shooting near a car wash he owns.

It is important to note that yesterday ESPN's Sal Paolantonio supposedly had sources suggesting that charges against Harrison would be filed today. They weren't, and the Philly DA pretty much threw Sal Pal under the bus (which is where the hack belongs, in our humble opinion). Now, since yesterday, Sal Pal and his ESPN cronies have updated (aka, altered) their original online report so they don't look as stupid. From KFFL:


As you may recall, Sal Pal attacked Harrison for having friends and family members who were poor and living in rough Philly neighborhoods. Classy guy that Sal. We also shouldn't forget Mike Florio's "stellar" legal advice for Harrison.

Also, it is 12:16pm Eastern time, and Florio still has not updated PFT with the Harrison news. Oh my God, what a douchebag.

So, just like the 2008 regular season, the Marvin Harrison non-shooting media fiasco is over. Again, this was never really a story. There were no charges and Marvin Harrison was never a suspect. All this circus did was drag a great player's reputation through the mud. The sorry, sad state of sports journalism was fully on display with the Marvin Harrison "incident." For Marvin, we hope this recent news gives him some vindication.

For Sal Paolantonio and ESPN, we hope they choke on it.