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Week Five Late Games- Open Thread

The early games are starting to go final. The Buccaneers, Rams, and Raiders are just plain awful. Lots of blow out in the early games. I've been enjoying the Bengals v. Ravens game, even though Gus Johnson is polluting the audio with his "PAY ATTENTION TO ME, NOT THE GAME!" style of announcing. Seriously, he calls every stupid in-completion and tackle as if it were the final play of the Cal v. Standford game.

And in regards to all the pass interference calls on the Bengals last drive, they were all good calls. I'm sure the Ravens players will complain about them, but pass interference is pass interference regardless of whether it is the first minute of a game or the last minute. It's nice to see Cincy win the game for their defensive coach Mike Zimmer, who lost his wife last week.

I assume many of you will watch the Patriots v. Broncos. Enjoy this open thread.