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Week Five Sunday Night Football Pre Game- Open Thread

The Jaguars got absolutely steam-rolled by the Seahawks. Maybe next time, Jags fans will wait until after the game to talk trash. Staying in the AFC South, the Texans lost a close one to the Cardinals. Houston battled back despite being down 21-0, but Matt Schaub threw a costly INT for a TD, which ended up being the difference. Houston also was stuffed on the goal-line late in the game, and after failing to score on fourth and one, Arizona got the ball and closed out the game.

With both the Jaguars and Texans losing, the Colts have an opportunity to really gain ground the rest of the AFC South against the Titans this evening.

But the big surprise was the Denver Broncos, who defeated the New England Patriots in OT at Invesco Field. Looks like many of us were flat friggin wrong about Denver. They are a very good football team.

Use this thread to chit-chat about all the game today as we gear up for Sunday Night Football featuring the Colts and Titans.