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Week Five Monday Night Football- Open Thread

What do you all think of Jon Gruden as an analyst on Monday Night Football? The head editor at, Chris Mottram, thinks he stinks. Then again, Chris is a Redskins fan, and since his team has pretty much been irrelevant for 15 years, maybe all the years of them playing crap football rotted his senses.

For me, I actually like Gruden as an analyst, but maybe that is because he is NOT Tony Kornheiser, who took the phrase "schmuck in the booth" and applied a face to it. Gruden's been pretty good about dissecting plays and trends for the teams they are broadcasting, and I found his nickname for Peyton Manning ("the Sheriff") humorous.More importantly, Gruden has not annoyed me as so many other announcers (Joe Buck, Kenny Albert, Gus Johnson, etc.) have a tendency to do.

I also very much enjoyed some of Gruden's stories about Manning, which has available here.

So, do most of you think Chris is right, that Gruden is crap on Monday Night Football, or do you like his addition to Jaws and Tirico in the booth?

This is your open thread for tonight's MNF match-up between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. Enjoy!