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Welcome to Schmuckville; Population: Ed Johnson

I'm having a hard time coming up with something to describe this tidbit of news that does not involve a long series of curse words, most of which involving the word f*ck. So, I'll just let Paul Kuharsky do the talking for me:

So much has gone right for the Indianapolis Colts as they’ve run out to a 5-0 record. But senior writer John Clayton is reporting the team has parted ways with a key contributor, cutting defensive tackle Ed Johnson.

A 5-0 start. A defense that is starting to dominate. Everything looking on the up and up. Then... this.

We have no reasoning why Big Ed was cut. What we do know is that he came back to the this team in May under a zero tolerance clause . This meant that if he did anything, ANYTHING to violate that policy in the slightest, it was back to the unemployment line. This latest termination from the Colts is also likely the end of Ed's football career. No one touched him after the Colts cut him last year for violating his previous zero tolerance clause. Why would anyone touch him now? And if he did something serious to warrant this, he'll likely be suspended again by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

I'm so disappointed in Ed Johnson right now it makes me sick.

From the Colts standpoint, they will be fine. They can re-sign Adrian Grady or Terrance Taylor, and likely they'll start integrating second round pick Fili Moala into the rotation, which needed to start happening soon anyway. Indy has talent on the defensive line, and stopping the run will not be the slap stick comedy it was last year. Guys like Antonio Johnson, Daniel Muir, and Eric Foster seem to be bringing it every week.

What makes me want to vomit is just how STUPID Ed Johnson has been. Other than violating his tolerance policy, the only other reason I can think of for Indy to cut him is that maybe he was dogging it during games. On his radio show last night, Bill Polian said this, emphasis mine (Tip to SpazMo):

There are areas on defense we can improve, particularly in terms of all-out hustle all the time. We had some people like (defensive end) Keyunta Dawson that really stepped up and did a great job of that, but there are other people who can improve upon what they're doing.

I haven't gone back and looked at the tape, but maybe Ed was one of the people Polian was referring to in that statement. I don't know, and at this point I don't care. Ed was given his second chance and he seems to have flushed that down the toilet.

Now, we move on.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I absolutely refuse to allow yet another Ed Johnson f*ck up to distract me from enjoying my team.

Colts cut DT Ed Johnson, again