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Why was Ed Johnson cut? Simple, because he stinks

As always, John Oehser gives us the goods.

Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell on the release Wednesday of DT Ed Johnson: "It was production. It was a lack thereof."

So, this had nothing to do with any violation of his zero tolerance policy. He wasn't caught with drugs, hookers, or a midget with a camera in a hotel room.

The Colts cut Ed Johnson because he stinks.

When Jim Caldwell was hired, one of the first things he stressed as his theme was accountability. During his open press conferences, he quoted the age old poem from an unknown author:

Excuses are tools of the incompetent
which create monuments
of nothingness
those who specialize in them
are seldom
good in anything.

The coaches and players are all accountable for the work they did, how they carry themselves, and how that translates to the final result on the football field. No excuses. No nonsense. Perform well, or hit the road.

Since his hiring, Caldwell has backed up that theme of accountability with action. We've seen coordinators Ron Meeks and Russ Purnell shown the door, Tony Ugoh benched, and now Ed Johnson cut from the roster.

Yep, I really like Jim Caldwell.

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