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Bye Week Early Games- Open Thread

The juicy rumor this afternoon is the Colts are looking to trade for Buccaneers linebacker Barrett Ruud.

Oh, and yeah, there are some games going on this afternoon, and junk.

The Giants v. Saints game pits two undefeated teams against each other in New Orelans. I say Giants because we all heart little bro!

Speaking of picks: DON'T FORGET TO MAKE YOURS!

Ravens v. Vikings is a big game. Baltimore cannot afford to drop to 3-2, losing three in a row if they do. Brett Favre facing a pretty decent defense should be interesting to watch as well.

I'm also very interested in Bengals v. Texans. If Houston loses that game, they are screwed early in the season. If the Bengals win, they are one dumb tipped ball away from being 6-0!

Be sure to check out some of SB Nation's game pages today. For games that don't feature the Colts, I'm am starting to rely on pages like these. All they need now is some more advanced stats and they might take the place of Yahoo's streamer for me.

Giants v. Saints gamepage

Ravens v. Vikings gamepage

Bengals v. Texans gamepage