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2009 NFL Trade Deadline: What will the Colts do?

If rumors are to be trusted, we've seen two pretty reliable sources say the Colts have actively worked to trade for Cleveland Browns kicker returner Josh Cribbs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Barrett Ruud. I think it is pretty safe to say that the Colts will try to do something before the deadline today tomorrow at 4PM Eastern. The last three seasons, the Colts have made two significant trades just prior to the deadline (with one going through and the other getting voided because the Buffalo Bills tried to pawn an injured player on us). 

So, factoring all this in, here is a bit of analysis:

  • Trading for Cribbs would be an absolute coup. Cribbs had a TD on a return yesterday against the Steelers, and if you give this offense the kind of field position Cribbs gains on a consistent basis, watch out! Cribbs would immediately energize a rather stagnant return game, and provide another weapon in the arsenal for a 5-0 team.
  • Ruud is, arguably, the best Tampa-2 middle linebacker in football right now. The problem is, the Bucs don't play Tampa-2 anymore. Gary Brackett is a great Tampa-2 backer, especially in coverage (where he is arguably the best). But, whereas Brackett struggles in run support, Ruud seems to thrive. Ruud also brings size to any linebacking corps, at 6'2 245 pounds. He's essentially Philip Wheeler, except good. If Indy trades for him, they will likely move him to strongside backer, meaning Wheeler's days in Indy are numbered.
  • People keep yapping about Glenn Dorsey of the Chiefs. Yes, he'd likely play much better in a Tampa-2 4-3 defense. And likely, Dorsey is the under tackle. However, Eric Foster and Daniel Muir have played very well, and Fili Moala is now in the rotation. So, for me personally, I don't see a need for Dorsey.
  • Terrell Owens. Um, no. If the Colts wanted an old, overpaid wide receiver, they'd have kept Marvin Harrison.
  • Another Buffalo Bills player to think about is Roscoe Parrish. Parrish is a better wide receiver than Cribbs and, in some ways, just as dynamic a returner.
  • Left or right tackles. It is very, very rare that a offensive lineman is traded before the deadline. So, I don't expect this.

Of course, it is entirely possible that the Colts will simply stand pat. They are 5-0 after all. However, we've seen to much activity from them to suggest they will simply "take it easy" today. So, for someone like me, I expect a trade. I mean, what ease do I have to look forward to today, a Monday after a bye week?