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NFL Network really needs to fire Marshall Faulk

Marshall Faulk. NFL Network schmuck. Image: <a href=""></a>
Marshall Faulk. NFL Network schmuck. Image:

There's no love-loss for Marshall Faulk here. Faulk was a pouty, vindictive, malcontent player for the Indianapolis Colts who always seemed to put himself above the team and the team's accomplishments. I, for one, was happy to see the me-first prick shipped out of town, replaced by the equally great (yes, I said it, and the stats back me up) and much more likable Edgerrin James. Faulk pulled the same stunts in St. Louis with the Rams, walking out of media interviews and generally being a whiny jerk when things did not go his way. But the media and Rams gave Faulk a pass.

Now, as a member of the media for NFL Network, Faulk has enjoyed using the network's pulpit as a sounding board to bash the Colts because Bill Polian had the audacity to trade him prior to the 1999 season. It's a tired act from Faulk that I often ignore, mainly because most of the "experts" at NFL Network are nothing more than silly little clowns dressed in gaudy suits, making uninformed predictions so bad they make FOX's Terry Bradshaw look like Aristotle.

But, thanks to Indy Lori's diligence, we can see Marshall Faulk take the sterotype of "misinformed NFL Network expert" to another level.

Back on September 9th, Faulk was on with NFL Network's Mike Mayock talking about the AFC South. They talked about how the Tennessee Titans were the best team in the AFC South heading into 2009 (don't snicker) and eventually got to talking about the Colts. Here are some quotes from Faulk during that discussion, talking about Indy's "championship window":

"It closed. Tennessee shut that window. Actually, two years ago, Jacksonville closed the window for them. Now Peyton missing training camp (in 2008), we know that they have kind of built in excuses for not doing well last year. Now you have Tom Moore, a new "senior" assistant, a new quarterbacks coach [Frank Reich], a new head coach [Jim Caldwell]. There's all kinds of things happening in Indianapolis."

For those of you keeping score, the Colts split last year's season series with the Titans, losing in Nashville and shutting out the Titans in Indianapolis. I have no idea what the hell Faulk is talking about regarding Jacksonville. Two years ago, the Colts swept the Jacksonville Jaguars in the regular season. Oh, and currently, the Colts are 5-0 while the Titans are 0-6 and the Jaguars are 3-3. Indy has beaten both already this season.

Oh, and the Colts went 12-4 last season and made the playoffs. How is that "not doing well," and when have we ever seen the Colts use Peyton's knee as an excuse for not winning, I don't know, 13 or 14 games last year?

But all that stupidity is trumped by this next set of drivel from Faulk's lips:

"But the one thing that's missing is Ron Meeks on defense. What's that defense going to look like under Larry Coyer? We do not know. This team, right now, I think it's in shambles. I look for them to maybe not have as good a year."

Um, yeah.

Currently the Colts have the #2 scoring defense in football (14.2 points per game). They have been outstanding against the run and pass, and have done so without Bob Sanders and Kelvin Hayden for much of the season. The Carolina Panthers, Ron Meeks new team as defensive coordinator, are #21 in scoring defense (25 points per game) and are #28 against the run, giving up an average of almost 150 rushing yards a game.

Obviously, not all that is Meeks' fault. Carolina has had some pretty devastating injuries this season. I just highlight it to point out how much of a tool Faulk is. I mean, seriously, those statements were about as ignorant and wrong as it gets.

I have no problem with people saying "the Colts will stumble, and here's why." They just better be right, and if they aren't, they better admit in front of their audience they were dumbasses for suggesting this team was in "shambles" when clearly they aren't.

However, for Faulk, this is not the first time he has gotten in front of the NFL Network cameras and not only been wrong on his analysis, but factually wrong as well. Jacksonville "closed our window?" What? Does this schmuck even watch the games?

The network really needs to put this yutz out to pasture. He can take Jamie Dukes with him.