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No Country for Old Receivers, Part Deux

Remember all the grief Marvin Harrison took from people because he refused to take less money and play a lesser role on another team? People said he was "washed up", "finished", and "over-valuing himself." Well, it turns out that Marvin has this thing many folks call "pride." And while pride is not always the best trait in a person, it can sometimes help an individual stand by their principles.

Yes, I know. That sounds mushy and silly in our cynical world were principles are bought and sold every minute of every day. But what Marvin Harrison felt was that if teams were not going to give him his asking price and use him as a starting receiver, then he had no interest in playing for anyone.

This meant that he wasn't going to take less money so he can be a third or fourth receiver for some crap team. Why would he hold firm on this?

Because he didn't want to end up like Terrell Owens (languishing with the Bills), Amani Toomer (cut by the Chiefs), or Joey Galloway (the "splash" free agent signing by the Patriots this off-season who was cut today because he hasn't done squat for the team).

Such is the fate of old wide receivers in a league which seems to favor younger, more dynamic players. Veteran receivers, once viewed as a prized commodity (like Tim Brown, Cris Carter, and Jerry Rice back in the day) are now shoved aside in favor of the Jeremy Maclins, Austin Collies, and Johnny Knoxs of this league.

So, while it probably would have been smart for Marvin to stay with the Colts, I do applaud him for not "going out like a chump" the way some of these other veteran receivers are going. As I have long said, Marvin Harrison the best wide receiver this league has seen not named Jerry Rice. He is a first ballot Hall of Famer. If by some silly, petty, ignorant reason he isn't, the Hall of Fame is a sham and a farce and not worthy of fan attention or respect. By not signing with some other team just so he can collect a paycheck and pad some worthless stats, my perception of Marvin is reinforced.

He has nothing left to prove. I'm glad he's staying out of football.