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NFL Network's RedZone Colts stat of the week: Week Seven

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The Colts come out of their bye week basically maintaining their position in all key defensive statistics. However, as with most stats at this time of year, the numbers are often deceiving.

The NY Giants have the best statistical pass defense in football, but after watching their pass rush get next to no pressure on Saints quarterback Drew Brees, the stats would not make me comfortable if I were a Giants fan. For the Colts, their pass defense has picked up right where it left off last season (which was the best in the NFL, by the way). Last year, Indy set an NFL record, allowing only 9 6 passing TDs all season. Many laughed off that stat, saying teams just ran the ball at Indy, making it unnecessary to throw.

Such people were morons.

After five games, the Colts have allowed only two passing TDs, and one of those two was during garbage time late in the fourth quarter of Indy's blowout against the Seahawks. This means that the only meaningful passing TD the Colts have allowed in 5 games was Kurt Warner's TD to Steve Breaston Anquan Boldin during the Cardinals game. Indy won that game 31-10. On their current pace, the Colts will potentially tie or break their defensive passing TD record (9 6 TDs given up). While such a record is unlikely with opponents like the Patriots, Ravens, and Texans on the schedule ahead, giving up only one meaningful passing TD in 5 games shows that last season's pass defense was not a by product of bad run defense.

So, while the Giants might give up the fewest yards per game passing, the best pass defense in the league likely belongs to the Colts. The more important stats are  passing TDs allowed and yards per completition. Currently, the Colts have given up the fewest passing TDs (two) are tied with the Buffalo Bills in yards per completion, giving up an average of 5.5 yards a completition. That's outstanding!