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Know Your Colts History: Fun Facts About Bob Sanders' Rehab


[Note: The computer is still listed as day-to-day, hence you have to put up with me actually writing again.  Apologies.  -Jake]

  • Most people rehab from knee injuries in pools, where they can exercise without putting as much stress on their knees.  Bob did the same thing, he just filled his pool with sharks and electrical appliances.
  • During rehab, Bob cloned a lesser version of himself that could play running back.  He called him Steven Jackson.
  • When Bob Sanders got the green light to run again, Bob revealed that he had already began doing light sprints...just with his injured leg.
  • Oh...and he did backflips too.
  • To keep his blood boiling while he was out, Bob listened to Yoko Ono every single day.
  • To keep from going insane, Bob would read this for a chuckle.
  • Of course, we all know this could have been prevented if Bob had shed a single tear to take away his injury.  But as we all know, Bob doesn't cry.