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Week Seven: Indianapolis Colts (5-0) at St. Louis Rams (0-6)


Week Seven: Indianapolis Colts (5-0) at St. Louis Rams (0-6)
Location: Edward Jones Dome; St. Louis, MO
Kick-off Time: 1:00pm Eastern

Broadcast: CBSSB Nation Co-Blog: Turf Show Times

Well, now that you've rubbed the sleep from your eyes, ingested your coffee, read mgrex03's statistical preview, and sobered up to a reasonable state of respectability, you must now be ready for some football!

You're also likely ready for some Bob Sanders.

Yes, despite my rants against Bob's chronic injuries, I (like you) am very excited he is back. Colts football is very fun to watch when Bob plays, and this defense can smack around a lot of very good football teams when Bob is on his game. Also expected back is Kelvin Hayden.

This game also marks the beginning of kicker Matt Stover filling in for Adam Vinatieri.

If you watched college football is weekend, you might have seen Peter King at halftime of the Notre Dame game talking about the Colts and how they are battling the h1n1 swine flu. Players Freddy Keiaho and Jamey Richard missed practice this week because of "illness," but King seems to insinuate that the "illness" may have been h1n1. Apparently, the Colts are quarantining certain areas of their facility, trying to prevent players, coaches, and staff from getting sick.

No word yet on whether Keiaho or Richard will be available, but I doubt they will. Also likely unavailable is Tim Jennings, who missed all of practice this week.

This is your first of many open threads throughout the day. Enjoy. Go Colts!

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