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MNF-Eagles v. Redskins: Open Thread

Kind of an anticlimactic matchup to end the week, but hey, this is why they have flex games later in the year. The 3-2 Eagles face the 2-4 Redskins with fired coach walking, Jim Zorn. How likely is it thought that Zorn will be fired?  These are the odds listed at the sports betting site Bodog

Who will be the Head Coach of the Washington Redskins for Week 1 of the 2010 NFL Season?

Jon Gruden                   2/1

Mike Shanahan             5/1

Mike Holmgren              10/1

Bill Cowher                    12/1

Tony Dungy                  15/1

Jim Zorn                       25/1

One of the men in the booth is considered 12.5 times more likely to be coaching the Redskins than their current head coach.