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Luke Links: The "UnBeaten in October" Edition

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For the fifth time in six years, the Colts are unbeaten in September and October. Though the combined record of the teams Indy has played to start the season is an underwhelming 11-26, with the best team (record-wise) being the Cardinals, the games on Indy's schedule have resulted in two close, early contests and four blowouts. Since the Miami Dolphins game, the Colts have dominated their opponents from start to finish. Yet, most of the league isn't buying the club as an elite because Indy has not beaten a team like the Patriots, the Broncos, or the Giants, yet.

As always, whatever. I'm kind of used to media not really paying attention to the Colts. Here are the links:

We Colts fans often take all this winning for granted, but to win 15 in a row is a real honor. Everyone and their mother had written this team off last year, going so far as to say the "dynasty" or whatever is done. Amazing how easy it is to make stupid people look, you know, STUPID, isn't it?

Also, tonight the NBA regular season begins, with the Indiana Pacers taking on the Atlanta Hawks. Check out Indy Corn Rows for excellent Pacers and NBA coverage.