49ers-Colts Q&A with 49ers fans

Hey Colts fans. This is Fooch from Niners Nation, your resident 49ers blog. Our squads are squaring off this weekend in a game I view as the toughest on the 49ers schedule. Your Colts appear to be pretty locked in and at this point, maybe 49ers fans just hope to cover the spread? Actually, I do think the 49ers can win this game, but it's gonna take a whole heck of a lot going right.

The game itself is suddenly a lot more interesting after the 49ers loss this past week at Houston. 49ers QB Shaun Hill was ineffective in the first half and gave way to Alex Smith, with the 49ers down 21-0. Although the 49ers ended up losign 24-21, Alex Smith, in his first start in two years, put together the best performance of his stop-and-go career. Monday he was named starting QB, so you get a chance to see a moderately athletic QB. And yet 49ers fans have no idea what to expect. Was that half of football a fluke? Is he legit? It's made all the more interesting because Alex Smith made the first start of his NFL career against the Colts in 2005. It's cool to see it come full circle.

Of course the 49ers do have more than just Alex Smith. They've got a tight end in Vernon Davis who is slowly making the leap to one of the better tight ends in the league. They've got rookie Michael Crabtree who had 5 catches for 56 yards in his NFL debut. They've got a defense with playmakers like LB Patrick Willis and DE Justin Smith.

The team has struggled the last two weeks, but should put up a good fight against your Colts. So, feel free to fire away with questions about the 49ers. I'll make sure to get some 49ers fans over here to help answer them.

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