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Stampede Blue, and other SB Nation blogs, now on NFL Mobile Live for Sprint Palm Pre

Palm Pre's NFL Mobile Live application
Palm Pre's NFL Mobile Live application

In yet another effort to invade your blue and white saturated brain with even MORE Stampede Blue content, I'm happy to announce that we have partnered with Sprint so that Stampede Blue content, along with other SB Nation blogs, is now available on Sprint's Palm Pre.

As you probably have noticed, after watching about a billion Sprint commercials during NFL games, Sprint is partnered with the NFL, offering exclusive NFL content on the Sprint Palm Pre phone using the NFL Mobile Live application. Using this app, the expected NFL content (like videos from NFL Network, articles from, etc.) is placed together with articles from SB Nation blogs like ours.

This means you can access the NFL Mobile Live application and use it to read SB Nation content. Yes, that is indeed very, very cool!

If you have Sprint, the NFL Mobile Live application has an SB Nation link under the "My Teams" section. One touch and you've got access to select content from Stampede Blue. This application is a bit different than accessing Stampede Blue Mobile or SB Nation Mobile, as those are sites designed specifically for device browser access. So, if you've got an IPhone or a Blackberry, those sites are still your best options for accessing mobile Stampede Blue content.

But, if you have the Palm Pre, all your NFL content (from NFL Network to to SB Nation blogs) is all rolled up in one neat little application.

Now, before some of you scream "LOOK, IT'S A SPRINT POST LIKE THE ONES MIKE FLORIO USED TO DO! STAMPEDE BLUE IS A CORPORATE WHORE! RAWWWWWWWWWW!" Please, calm down, stop drinking Red Bull and Jack Daniels at 8AM every morning, and listen. We live in the 21st Century now, and blogging has expanded from simple websites into gigantic social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and mobile device applications, which connect literally millions of readers. This deal is a way to get even more Stampede Blue content out to current readers and to expand the blog to new audiences. I've already seen a spike in membership and daily traffic as a result.

In addition, I use the Palm Pre myself. I'm a bit of a tech geek and I love mobile devices! The IPhone is amazing. Blackberry is... well, it does the job. The Palm Pre is a nice meeting of both, and for me (the blogger) a mobile device like this is as necessary these days as a computer and Internet connection are. Blogging on the road, using Twitter, updating Facebook (which I've neglected of late) are all vital for the continued growth and success of this blog.

After the jump, if you are interested in seeing how NFL Mobile Live works on the Palm Pre, the good folks at Behind the Steel Curtain have put together a quick video showcasing the app. There's also some info about a contest Sprint is sponsoring where you can use the app to vote on some of the biggest plays of the NFL week.

Vote right here each week for your favorite Sprint Can't-Miss Play of the Week. Every vote enters you for a chance to win free trip to this years Superbowl in Miami.

And now, the video: