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From RealGM: Kansas City Chiefs waive Larry Johnson

No second confirmation yet, but this is a big time cut if true:

Real GM’s Jeff Ridson has the story: According to a team source, the Chiefs are planning to cut ties with Larry Johnson for good. Johnson was previously suspended for freaking out at his head coach and making homophobic slurs in the meantime. Now, it appears the Chiefs are completely fed up.

More on this as it becomes available. Nice work, Larry.

I'll say it right now: No. I don't want anyone on this team who calls fans "faggots" when they dare to criticize his 2.7 yards per carry average. Johnson is a bum. Always has been. For all of you complaining about Joseph Addai (why, I don't know anymore), know that we could have been stuck with this schmuck the way the Chiefs have been stuck with him for years now.

He'd fit in better with the Patriots anyway.