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Random Musings Of The King

Over the past months that I've been a "writer", I noticed that I have this innate ability to go on tangents about random things.  Many of my friends have seen this first hand when I've tossed back a few alcoholic beverages.  But more importantly, I find it more eventful to rant on about football related topics.  I did this a few times at that dump of a site I used to write for so I figured, hell, why not try it out over at Stampede Blue you know?  At least this time someone will actually be reading it. (self-zing!)

It sounded like a good idea anyways, but let's find out.  And away we go!

1) On the Titans' woeful season. (lmao)

So I'm sure most of you have heard the news that the Titans are going to be starting Vince Young again.  An interesting point I keep seeing from Titans fans, which is nothing more than a homeristic justification to keep supporting their horrible team, is that they want Vince Young to see "what he can do."

Think about that for a second.

They want to start a quarterback who is nuttier than squirrel turds, who basically quit on his team last year because he was being RIGHTFULLY booed in his home stadium for poor play, in hopes that he can somehow salvage their 0-6 season?  Really now.  That's fascinating.

Well I hate to break it to you Titans fans but, it's just not going to happen.  Yes I understand I'm not saying anything new here.  I don't think there's a Colts fan who ever believed Vince Young would be a good let alone great quarterback, admittedly anyways.

I totally understand what Titans fans are doing.  They are trying to cope with the fact that the season is basically lost but starting Vince Young is like hoping a bandaid will stop internal bleeding.  First off, it doesn't make any sense.  Secondly, it's just dumb.  And considering I haven't had to deal with supporting a horrible team since the 90's (well just two seasons ago if you count the Fins which I do depending on the alignment of the stars on that given day), I've all but forgotten what it's like to be in that position.  What I do know is that trying to convince yourself that Vince Young brings some ray of light or glimmer of hope in the Titans present or near future is just...words cannot describe how dumb that is.

Not that long ago, I think it was after the Colts beat the Titans, all of the Titans fans over at Music City Miracles were discussing how they'd fix the organization.  After the jump you can read my opinion.

I actually think the Titans’ offense could be pretty dynamic if they just had a good QB. It’s time the Titans’ FO faced the facts part ways with VY, keep Collins as a backup and draft a QB in the first round this offseason.

The entire defense needs retooled as well. KVB is an adequate pass rusher and I’ve always liked Kearse because he’s a UF alumni, but they’re over the hill and intensity doesn’t necessarily make up for lack of athleticism.

Bulluck has already stated he doesn’t think he’s going to return to the team next season, and with that attitude I’d let his ass walk. Go young in the draft, don’t try to settle on trades or free agents.

Obviously the biggest weakness of this team is the secondary. This is where choosing the right head coach comes into play.

There are two people in my mind giving the Titans two different avenues to take in improving their team. The question is, do you want the defense to improve? Or do you want the offense to become elite? If Bud fires Fisher at the end of the season hiring Leslie Frazier as the HC would instantly make that defense better. Frazier was the secondary coach for the Colts back in 2005-2006 and current DC For the Vikings. The guy knows what he is doing and someone needs to give him a shot.

Now, if you want your offense to be more consistent and want a good teacher to mold a young QB, Mike Shanahan is your guy. The guy knows his shit when it comes to running offenses and this is no-brainer to me.

However, the Colts fan in my hopes Bud Adams keeps Fisher around so the Titans can suck for a few more years.

I'm not going to lie, I think those are pretty good ideas.

2) What's with all of the Cardinals ball washing all of the sudden?

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that the Colts depantsed these wanabes?  The Cardinals didn't look like they deserved to be on the same field as the Colts, but now that they have a few wins under their belt they're all of the sudden the "Cardinals of old," whatever that's supposed to mean.

I'll admit that I had them ranked in my top 5 as far as preseason power rankings go, which was merely out of respect for being the NFC Champs.  Just like I said about the Steelers, once they lost, they're automatically dethroned in my opinion.

There's no doubt that they'll win their division, still arguably one of the worst in the league.  It will be fun watching these guys get trounced in the playoffs.

3) Colts related: Addai hasn't played bad this season, but he hasn't played good either.

I don't care what you or your fairweather, Bob Kravitz reading neighbor thinks; Addai doesn't deserve to be the starting running back of this team. 

Sheesh, if there were ever a GLARING weakness on this team it's #29.  I actually think I figured out the reason for his suckage.  You see, a few years back my friends and I were playing a friendly game of poker (with money).  While we were playing, my girlfriend caught a glimpse of this numbnut swapping out chips for everyone else and palming larger chips for himself, otherwise known as cheating.  Long story short, I saw a picture of this moob on Facebook wearing an Addai jersey and a light went off in my head.  I finally figured it out.  This douchknocker totally jinxed Addai's entire career.  All these years of painstaking contemplation; why does Addai suck so bad?  What could possible be the cause of such horrible running of the football?  Well mystery solved my friends.  I say we go hunt this guy down with torches and pitchforks, and once we find him we will yell very mean things at him hoping that we will burn his jersey and the curse will be forever lifted.  It could work...maybe.

With that said, I think it's about time that the people who are praying Addai busts out a 150 yard game to face the reality that it ain't gonna happen and that Addai just isn't that good.  He wasn't drafted to be a poor man's Reggie Bush, because if that's what you want him to be then I say we make a deal with the Saints right now.  Because I'd rather have the real Reggie.  You know, the guy who apparently peed on Kim Kardashian, the one and only.

I know a couple of you have said that you wouldn't mind Addai taking on the role of a third down back like a Kevin Faulk-esque role in the Colts offense.  Honestly, I think that would be great if Addai could run the ball like Faulk.

Get well soon Brown, lord knows we need you.

4) The Steelers are back! (not really)

The ol' smashmouth, beat 'em with your hard-nosed defense Steelers team from the 70's are back I say!  Roid-ragers and all!

Yeah, how 'bout no Scott. 

I refuse to be one of the suckers lured into that trap.  The Steelers are THE most overrated team in the league right now, even moreso than the 19-0 Saints.  There's no way you're going to convince me that the Steelers should be 4-2 right now, not after the Vikings gave them their latest win.  Way to go Chester Taylor, LEARN HOW TO CATCH THE BALL, DICK.

I just hope the Bengals don't choke down the road and give them the division again.

5) Jay Cutler is overrated.


I wish I could find my old post stating that I think Chicago was totally hosed in that Cutler for Orton-and-20-1st round-picks trade before the season started.  I don't remember who it was that was arguing with me (probably shake) about how I thought Orton was a pretty good quarterback.  Well I think we know who won that argument.

The Broncos are in such a better position right now it's not even funny.  Well it's a little funny.

What's the over-under on seasons Lovie Smith will be the HC for the Bears?

6) I rule at fantasy football.

Except for that one team of mine that's in last place.  I have two 1st place teams, one 2nd place, and a last.  Explain that one to me.  Oh well, can't win 'em all right?  On a side note, I enjoy running up the score on these suckers!

7) I feel bad for Steven Jackson.

This guy has more talent and ability than his entire team combined, excluding the rookies.  If he wasn't so injury prone and wasn't on such a bad team he would be competing with Peterson year in and out for the rushing title.  I find it almost a travesty that players like this get stuck on horrible teams and pretty much just waste years of their football career doing nothing.

I could probably talk all day long about players who deserve better, but I guess I just happened to think of Jackson first because we slaughtered his team last week.  I wonder what the Rams would want for him.  Hmmm.

8) If you value longevity in the NFL and your well-being, don't play for the Seahawks.

What the hell are they putting in that water up in that piece?  It seems like every player who steps out on the field for that organization tears an ACL, breaks some ribs, or is just constantly nagged by injuries.

The Seahawk's latest victim is their only talented player on defense and bearer of the weirdest name in all of football: Lofa Tatupu.  Haha, it just sounds funny.  His name is Lofa.  Lofa.  LOOOOFAAAAAA.

9) So I guess Cedric Benson doesn't suck after all.

What has gotten into that Cedric Benson?  He's the leading rusher in the league right now and a fastasy favorite.  Where did this surge of uberness come from Mr. Benson?  Is this all just pent up rage that you were not allowed to unleash on your foes while you were in Chicago because they were blackballing you?  Oh wait, I forgot that the Bears organization didn't force you to get arrested numerous times, fake injuries, or act like a complete tool for no reason.  All they ever did was draft you in the first round, pay you lots of money, and give you the chance to become a premier back in the NFL.  Sorry for not buying into that woe-is-me crap.  Just be thankful the Bungles don't have to play the Colts this season.  Otherwise I'd fear for your life because I think I hear Bobzilla is looking for you.  Enjoy being the leading rusher while it lasts because we both know it won't.


Hey guess what!  No one cares except a few drunk and pissed off Packers fans and Tony Kornheiser!  Moving along.

 The End.

A side note before I end this:  It feels good having the time to write something I actually want to write about for once.  School sucks.  I'd suggest not going.