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Tom Brady thinks Dwight Freeney is the best defensive player in the NFL

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Since everything Tom Brady says is gold, and since Tom Brady can say and do no wrong for both New England Patriots fans and the horny, sexually depraved higher-ups at ESPN, I guess Tom Brady's recent comments about Dwight Freeney might earn the All-Pro defensive end some props over players like Jared Allen and DeMarcus Ware.

It was toward the end of a wandering interview on Boston radio station WEEI last week that the question was posed: "Who is the most intimidating player you face?"

"Dwight Freeney," New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady replied. "Every play with him is a game-changing play. Advertisement

"Every time you throw the ball, (Freeney is) a factor. As a quarterback, you probably have anywhere from a second and a half to sometimes four seconds to make your decision and throw the ball.

"With Freeney, it's probably consistently around two seconds with sometimes being from the time the ball is snapped, a second and a half, you've got to throw that ball. There's no time for decision-making.

"You're making your decision before the ball is snapped based on the coverage."

Freeney is the best defensive end in football, period. While players like Allen are indeed quite good, they are not FEARED the way offenses fear Freeney. Allen, Mario Williams, DeMarcus Ware, and other high level players can make big plays and help their teams win. Freeney, however, can change the entire course of a game with one play, and Tom Brady has first hand experience with that.

Remember the 2006 AFC Championship Game? Of course you do. Remember Brady's game-ending INT, which was a poorly thrown ball over the middle that landed in the hands of Marlin Jackson? Know why Brady threw that pass?

Because Freeney was a second away from sacking him.

Dwight had beaten Matt Light around the corner and was a hair away from sending Tom to the turf. Guys like Allen, Williams, and others have yet to make plays like that in a game like that. Until they do, they are inferior defensive ends to Dwight Freeney.