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The Return of Vince Young: Ready your barf bags

There's a pretty big blog out there called The Big Lead, and its head writer is a good guy by the name of Jason McIntyre. Jason really is the model for independent bloggers, building his site up from nothing and into a huge traffic hog. Jason has also managed to do this while not becoming an obnoxious douche, like, say, Mike Florio.

However, despite Jason really showing all of us how to do it right when it comes to sports blogging, the guy does not know jack-friggin-squat about NFL football.

Just look at last year, where Jason boldly predicted the Colts would not make the playoffs. After Indy's 3-4 start, Jason was feeling pretty good about himself. After Indy reeled off 9 in a row and clinched a playoff berth (while the New England Patriots sat at home and wondered "What happened?"), Jason did what any self-important blogger does: Blame someone else (namely, former-Texans QB Sage Rosenfels). 

Did I mention Jason is a Jets fan? I think that fact alone explains his attitude and knowledge about football.

Anyway, the reason I'm raggin' on Jason by bringing up his (lack of) football knowledge is that once again he is getting all self-important when talking about the NFL. And, like with his "bold" predictions last year, Jason is wrong.

This time, it involves the Titans and Vince Young. After the news broke about Vince Young returning to the starting QB role, Jason seemed to do a little happy dance in his office, located somewhere in the Tri-State New York area. The reason for Jason's euphoria is he stated back in August that Vince would indeed win his job back.

With the Titans starting the 2009 season 0-6 and their chances of making the playoffs pretty much nil, moron owner Bud Adams made some strong suggestions that veteran QB Kerry Collins be benched in favor of Vince Young. You all remember that, back in Week One of last year, Vince Young quit on his team during a game. It was very public display of adult pouting that distanced Vince from his Titans teammates. But, rather than panic, Kerry Collins entered the game and helped the Titans win that game and 12 more in 2008.

Now, with Kerry Collins benched and Vince Young is back as the starter, Jason somehow thinks the time is now for Vince to prove he can play in this league. Thing is, most of us AFC South fans already know Vince cannot play in this league. Jeff Fisher knows Vince can't play in this league. That's why he resisted Adam's "order" to start Vince. The woeful body of work Vince has compiled over the last three years more than tells the story of this over-rated, pampered brat who never should have been drafted by the Titans in the first place.

And if anyone out there still thinks that Vince can somehow salvage his career by playing well over these next few games, those people are suckers.

Here's Jason's take on the QB change:

Enigmatic Texas legend Vince Young will start at QB Sunday against Jacksonville. Did Jeff Fisher cave to pressure from his owner? Fisher will talk about the decision at 3 pm. Either way, we're thrilled to have been right about this back in August. Is anyone really surprised ancient Kerry Collins crumbled? He was serviceable last year and the Titans' defense (plus Chris Johnson) carried Tennessee to the playoffs. Anyone could see the significant dropoff coming. Young has to be the starter for at least the next three games. The rest of this lost season would probably be best. If he's awful, and doesn't appear to have a future with the team, obviously think QB in the draft.

And it's here where I point out that Jason really needs to go back and re-watch the Titans from years 2006-2008. We already know Vince Young stinks. We don't need three games to prove what three years have already shown. Vince Young is lazy, apathetic, entitled, and pampered. When things don't go the way he likes them to, he storms off the field, hides from the media, and seemingly threatens suicide.

A smart coach like Jeff Fisher knows this, which is why he resisted starting Vince again. But when the meddling hand of Bud Adams entered the equation, effectively chopping off Fisher's nuts, the writing was on the wall that Vince would return. Remember, Jeff Fisher did not want to draft Vince Young in 2006, but Bud Adams did. However, last year's success was a direct result of Vince Young getting benched and Kerry Collins assuming the job fulltime. So, in a not-so-subtle way, Fisher showed Bud Adams up for the ignorant fool he is.

Sorry, but to toot our own horn here a little bit, we have been saying Collins was better for some time now, and if you actually, you know, WATCH Titans games you know that blaming Kerry Collins for their 0-6 start is not an accurate assessment.

Vince Young's career in Tennessee is over. Everyone knows it. Everyone also knows that Vince Young's football career is likely over. He is simply not a motivated guy looking to improve himself as a player. We're in year four and Vince still can't read a defense, and a QB who can't read a defense is like a running back with no feet.

I feel a bit sorry for Kerry Collins and Jeff Fisher. Despite Jason's silly assessment (that Collins is a "fossil," and thus the reason the Titans are 0-6), Tennessee's wretched pass defense is the main reason they are sans a win. They are ranked dead last in the league, having surrendered 1,864 yards and 19 TDs. QBs are also completing 73% of their passes on them. I don't care if Joe Montana is your QB; in the modern NFL, if you are unable to stop the pass, you will lose a lot of football games.

I know that kind of analysis isn't as "sexy" as saying "BENCH THE QUARTERBACK!" but it's the truth.

Also, I am aware that Tony Dungy said Vince should play a few weeks ago on NBC. Again, Dungy is not at practice every day the way Jeff Fisher is. If Vince were indeed a better player at QB over Collins, Fisher would have started him. However, it was not the QB that has fumbled easy receptions (like Alge Crumpler against the Colts) or started fights after plays had ended (like Jason Jones against the Texans in Week Two) or surrendered 19 passing TDs in six games. The Titans just aren't a good football team, and changing the QB won't alter that very real, very stark fact.

The simple truth is nothing Vince Young does over these next three games should change anyone's assessment of him. If it does, then I have some junk bonds I'd like to sell them real cheap, if they are interested.