Mike Hart Promoted, Simpson Released

The National Football Post has announced that the Colts have released backup RB and KR Chad Simpson and promoted Mike Hart from the practice squad.

Anyone who has followed the two running backs in their young career probably knows that Hart showed a great deal more promise as a running back than Simpson. However, Hart suffered a season ending knee injury against Baltimore last year, after making probably the most spectacular two yard run I've ever seen (on 3rd down no less) to get the Colts a first down and keep a drive alive. Although Hart recovered much quicker than expected from knee surgery, he was quickly banged up in preseason, suffering back-to-back ankle injuries that held him out for the beginning of the season and opened the door for Chad Simpson.

In order to maintain his spot on the roster, Simpson had to show that he brought something to the team as a returner. To this point, he has not looked comfortable returning kicks, has been indecisive, and has not even looked fast (his mo). After suffering an abdominal injury against Arizona, and missing practice time this week, he has been released and the door has reopened for Mike Hart. What role Hart will play, if any, in the return game is unknown. Conventional wisdom would suggest that T.J. Rushing will assume full-time returning duties, like he did in 2007. Maybe the Colts have something else up their sleeves.

Welcome back Mike! Chad, we wish you the very best of luck.

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