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Chad Simpson cut; Mike Hart re-added to Colts active roster

National Football Post's Aaron Wilson is reporting that Chad Simpson was waived recently and has been replaced on the active roster by Mike Hart. A FanPost from Bamrock gives us some good commentary on how Simpson was presented a golden opportunity this off-season:

Anyone who has followed the two running backs in their young career probably knows that Hart showed a great deal more promise as a running back than Simpson. However, Hart suffered a season ending knee injury against Baltimore last year, after making probably the most spectacular two yard run I've ever seen (on 3rd down no less) to get the Colts a first down and keep a drive alive. Although Hart recovered much quicker than expected from knee surgery, he was quickly banged up in preseason, suffering back-to-back ankle injuries that held him out for the beginning of the season and opened the door for Chad Simpson.

Simpson's opportunity was to make his mark as a kick returner. However, Simpson is currently ranked dead last in kick returning. With Hart healthy, and with players like T.J. Rushing, Donald Brown, and Austin Collie all having return ability, retaining Simpson did not make much sense.

It is curious that Simpson missed practice all week and was, seemingly, cut on a Saturday. Since he was on the 53 man roster to start the season, Chad's salary for 2009 is guaranteed.

The return of Mike Hart should help some University of Michigan fans overcome the sting of losing to Michigan State (again) yesterday). Hart seems well liked by fans and teammates for his toughness and thoughtful demeanor. It's likely the Colts will use him in short yardage and goal line situations at running back.