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Week Four Afternoon Games- Open Thread

The Titans were crushed by the Jaguars 37-17. The Titans are not just 0-4, they are 0-4 in the AFC, and 0-2 in the division. Next week, our Colts get them.

The Texans waxed the Raiders 29-6.

We also have wild holdover games involving Bengals v. Browns and Ravens v. Patriots.

Afternoon games involve Cowboys v. Broncos and Jets v. Saints.


[UPDATE]: Patriots hang on to beat Ravens. Browns and Bengals are still tied in OT.

[UPDATE]: Bengals kick a FG in OT with one second left. Unbelievable. Bengals beat Browns. If not for the Broncos lucky catch at the end of the Week One game, the Bengals would be 4-0.