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Week Four Sunday Night Game- Open Thread

I'm watching Football Night in America, and I cannot believe that I just saw Rodney Harrison (who offers next to nothing in terms of insight on the pre-game show) compliment the Colts. Meanwhile, Tony Dungy working that little coach-clicker thing is actually one of the more insightful pieces you will see on a pre-game show. Sure beats the heck out of listening to Chris Berman do his tired "dink, donk, and wawp!" sound FX routine. 

As for the game, this is pretty much as close to a must-win for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Cincinnati Bengals won today, and they are 3-1 with one of those three wins over the Steelers last week. If Pittsburgh loses today against the San Diego Chargers, that drops them to 1-3 and in a deep, early hole in the AFC North.

For the Chargers, they too must win, or they are 2-2 and looking up at (I still can't believe this) the 4-0 Denver Broncos.

How does all this relate to the Colts?

Well, personally, I detest both these teams. I respect them, but I often enjoy watching them lose. So, whoever loses tonight, it will please me.

Enjoy the open thread.