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All kinds of roster and practice activity for the Colts

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We mentioned the release of Jordan Senn last night and the re-signing of Chad Simpson. The Colts have also added Terrail Lambert, a rookie free corner agent out of Notre Dame, to the practice squad (Tip to tim55). The squad now includes John Gill (DT), Taj Smith (WR), Tom Santi (TE), Devon Hall (DB), Glenn Cody (LB), John Matthews (WR), Jaimie Thomas (OG), and Lambert.

But all these moves fall by the wayside when they are compared with the news that both Gary Brackett and Bob Sanders returned to practice yesterday (Tip to metal_militia).

Brackett, who has been out of the line-up since Week Two against the Dolphins, will push Freddy Keiaho back to the bench despite Keiaho playing some of the best football of his career the last few weeks. Keiaho was once the starting weakside backer for the Colts, but lost his job to Clint Session. Freddy now seems to have found a home as a reserve middle linebacker.

For Bob Sanders, what else needs be said?

Bob has missed just about every meaningful practice since January. It is an encouraging step forward to see him practice, but let's not get all happy and tingly under the skin just yet, especially when we read what kind of practicing he is doing. From Mike Chappell:

Coach Jim Caldwell said Sanders participated in the team’s light workout Monday, has steadily "ramped up’’ his rehabilitation regimen and anticipates Sanders practicing in a limited capacity this afternoon. The NFL’s 2007 Defensive Player of the Year has been inactive for the first four games of the season.

Asked if there is a chance Sanders could be available for Sunday night’s game in Nashville against the Tennessee Titans, Caldwell replied, "At this point, I would not be able to tell you that in earnest.’’

Bob has not been in contact drills, or played contact anything, since there was snow on the ground. I understand the importance of practice, and seeing him on that field makes me feel better about Indy not placing him on PUP to start the season (a player cannot practice while on PUP until Week Six). But, I'm not getting caught up in the often silly "Will Bob play?" game.

As I said yesterday, I honestly do not care if he does or not.

Obviously, I'd prefer if he did play. I mean, who wouldn't? But, I think Melvin Bullitt has earned the starting strong safety job. The Colts can use Bob the way they used Melvin when Bob started. And if Bob plays well enough to beat out Melvin for the starting job by December, that's great! But, for me, Melvin Bullitt is a better safety right now than Bob Sanders because Melvin stays on the field.

No updates yet on the status of Kelvin Hayden, who is still fighting a hamstring problem.