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Week Eight: San Francisco 49ers (3-3) at Indianapolis Colts (6-0)- Open Thread #3


Week Eight: San Francisco 49ers (3-3) at Indianapolis Colts (6-0)
Location: Lucas Oil Stadium; Indianapolis, IN
Kick-off Time: 1:00pm Eastern

Broadcast: FOX
SB Nation Co-Blog: Niners Nation

Well, as I often enjoy saying, we Colts fans are very spoiled. We finally have a game were the Colts are actually having to overcome some adversity, and already EVERYONE in the open threads is total freaking out. Everything from "Kelvin Hayden is overpaid" to "Peyton Manning is having a bad game." Again, I love how 175 first half yards is "bad."

We saw the "Brady Rule" get called for Alex Smith. Prior to the drive before halftime, Smith was playing awful. The 49ers have benefited from a big play and a big penalty.

For all you Chicken Littles out there, this is your third open thread of the game. Enjoy, and relax already.