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A Little Love to the Pats Blogger

MaPatsFan, the head writer over at Pats Pulpit and a person I consider a friend (even though he has horrid taste in football teams), recently lost his father to congestive heart failure. The senior Pats fan passed away this past weekend, which saw the Patriots defeat their rivals, the Dolphins, 27-17:

I have been away, off and on, for the past several weeks.  My father has been battling congestive heart failure for 3 years and finally decided to rest this past Saturday, November 7th.  I had a desperate need to participate in the last part of his life; without friends like JohnHannahRules and Marima, I could not have stayed focused on that mission.  They are truly wonderful people.

Please head over to Pats Pulpit and give MaPatsFan some support during this difficult time. It would be appreciated.

Also, just to prove that I am really nothing more than a sentimental softy at heart, we will break with tradition and offer up a little salute to MaPatsFan Sr. by writing two words I have never written on this blog: Go Pats!