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It's mine, IT'S ALL MINE!! HA HA HA!!

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I have wrenched control from the evil BigBlueShoe!  This blog is now mine and will soon be strewn with Flying Elvis and Pat Patriot logos.  Yes...YES!!  That's the ticket.  I never liked horseshoes anyway.  And then I'll...wait.  How does BBS have a post on the front page of Pats Pulpit?  Can't be!  Heresy, I say.  Oh, this is not good.  I must be careful lest he strewn MY castle with blue horseshoes and stuff.  Even worse: pictures of fivehead!  Oh, the horror...

In honor of our upcoming matchup, BBS and I have conspired to pull the old switcharoo.  For newcomers to the pahty, we did this last year and had some good back and forth.  Yes, I know the thought of a Patriots blogger with his hands on the missle controls is a bit sickening to y'all, but think of what's going on in MY house.  There's bound to be a post or 2 hammering Tom and Gisele. ;-)

Not to worry though; BBS's lieutenants will keep me in line.  They're good dudes despite their team affiliation.  That being said, my goal is to provide you with a view of the Colts from a Patriots blogger's mind.  Yes, I'm a major homer but I believe I'm realistic, too.  I love good football and I think I'm capable of recognizing talent when I see it.  And this is a talented team.  Just please excuse the occasional (possibly frequent) irrational escape into Patriots homerism.  You wouldn't have it any other way, right?

Let the fun begin.