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Another blog switcharoo comes to a close

Dear fans of the Horse, thanks again for letting me have a little fun with your blog.  We talked a little smack, shared some info, and had a laugh or two at my stupid errors (yes, I know MVP is a regular season award but had a major brain fart anyway ;-)).

As always, I really enjoy the exchanges of thoughtful and intelligent fans.  I'm in this to learn about your team through your words.  It's good to see we can have civil exchanges even if our rivalry is one of the most hyped and heated in football.

I'll be heading back to my home, Pats Pulpit, replete with Flying Elvis logos and my favorite, Pat Patriot.  I personally can't stand the Flying Elvis logo of today and much prefer the Pat Patriot of yesteryear, even if the former represents the most success.

At any rate, thanks again for letting me hang with y'all and here's to an entertaining, injury free game.