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Jeff Saturday on Patriots v. Colts: "This is what you play football for"

From (transcribed from audio interview):

Question: Is it fun to play games like this [Against the Patriots]?

Jeff Saturday: Absolutely! I think the thing you do want to take away from this week is enjoy the week. Understand, this is cool. This is what you play football for. You don't play for the 0-5 teams, or the 0-8 teams. You play for the two best teams in the division, or in the conference, playing each other and battling it out. I mean, there's no hiding. We'll see where we are Sunday night. I think that's exciting. I think players that enjoy this game understand how fun these times are and how few times you really get this opportunity. So, you might as well go out and make the most of it.

Jeff has been there, done that. And yet, games like this are indeed what NFL players should play for. For the last five years, the Patriots v. Colts game has often dramatically shaped the playoff picture. These kinds of big regular season games, between two great teams, is what we fans should love as well.

I mean seriously, if you did not enjoy the lead-up to this week's game, get a friggin' pulse already. Games like this are what football is all about.

Go Colts!