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Week 8 MNF: Open Thread

The undefeated Saints host the 4-2 Falcons. The Saints appear to be the NFC's elite, while the Falcons are solidly above average. At home the Saints are the odds on favorite, but in a divisional game against a solid team we could very well see the Saints first loss (which would leave the Colts as the leagues last undefeated).

Drew Brees is on an impressive pace yet again, we should see some fireworks in the passing game as the Falcons pass D ranks 21st in the league by DVOA. The Saints formerly shaky pass D will get another test of it's newfound legitimacy taking on the second best (or best considering how hard the Giants have been slumping the last 3 weeks) passing O they've faced this year.

Tonight we should see either the Saints pass D struggle making them appear far less formidable than they've looked so far, or we'll see some wind taken out of the sails of the "Matty Ice" clutchness meme*.   Either way I'll come out happy.

*not that Matt Ryan isn't a good quarterback, it's just (as any regular reader of the blog knows) that the clutch concept always gets me fuming.