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NFL Network's RedZone Colts stat of the week: Week Eleven

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From Football Outsider's Mike Tanier (via 18to88):

The Colts have the best goal-to-go defense in the NFL according to DVOA.

Even though Indy's pass defense dropped from 9th in yards to 16th in yards following the War of 1812, they've still only allowed 7 TDs. Factor in that the Colts have intercepted 10 balls and forced 10 fumbles, the old tried-and-true Tampa-2 method of forcing teams into mistakes and making them work for TDs continues to work.

Also, for the first time in I don't know how long, Indy's run defense (ranked 14th) is better than the pass defense (16th) in terms of yardage. This means teams have stopped trying to "control the clock" by running the ball, because they know the Colts are good at shutting that down. Also, factor in that New England's passing attack did much of their damage in the first half. After a strong halftime adjustment, the Colts did much better containing Brady and the passing game, forcing them into two turnovers (one an INT in the endzone, another a rather famous turnover-on-downs).

Considering they are doing all this without Kelvin Haden, and I'd say the pass defense is just fine, thank you.