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Quick Recap: Colts 17 - Ravens 15

Fieldgoals don't beat the Colts, especially not with a street free agent attempting them. The Colts O struggled with turnovers but put up just enough to win thanks to the Colts D's absolute refusal to break. The Ravens were held to 6 FG attempts and were turned away twice in the redzone. Once settling for a FG after a being stopped on 3 consecutive short yardage runs, a second coming with a Gary Brackett interception at the Colts 15.

Big receiving days for Pierre Garcon and Tom Santi made up for the Ravens shutting down Dallas Clark after his one handed TD grab in the 1st quarter. Defensively Freeney and Mathis were shut out, but Gary Brackett and Clint Session made key plays. Normally I'd post a gameball poll, but I really don't feel any answer but Gary Brackett is acceptable after he led the team in tackles, made the 2nd down goal line stop and snatched the INT that ended the Ravens last offensive drive.

The Colts go to 10-0 and will all but clinch the AFC South if they sweep the Texans next week.