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The Colts win, but are "outplayed" by the Ravens?

From Paul Kuharsky:

And so concludes a full month of less-than-stellar play from the Indianapolis Colts.

I think it’s a bad thing for the rest of the NFL that the Colts have managed a 4-0 record over those four weeks.

In many ways, they were outplayed Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium. Just like after narrow wins over San Francisco, Houston and New England, there are issues that will show up in meeting rooms back at team headquarters, but not in the standings.

I've stated again and again how much I love Paul Kuharsky, but these first few lines in his Rapid Recap are very puzzling. I don't care who you are. If someone were to look me in the face and tell me the 49ers, Texans, Patriots, and Ravens all "outplayed" or "dominated" the Colts, I will simply have to write them off as an idiot who has not taken the time to watch the games or know the team.

Even yesterday's game, the Colts generated more yards than the Ravens, scored TDs on their defense, prevented the Ravens offense from scoring any TDs, were better on third down, and made the critical plays at the end to win it.

Um, I'm sorry Paul, but in what ways were the Colts outplayed?

The Colts defense held a rushing attack that was one of the league's best to 3.2 yards a carry, no TDs, and dominated Baltimore's offensive line on a very critical goal line stance that was likely the difference in the game. In all seriousness, if you actually think the Colts were outplayed by the Ravens, but managed to "steal" a win, you really don't know what you are talking about.

The reason the Colts beat the Ravens is because the Colts have a better offense, defense, and special teams than the Ravens right now. Look at the game and tell me Indy's defense isn't better. I dare you. They are missing Terrell Suggs, I know. We're missing Bob Sanders and Kelvin Hayden. Sorry, but I don't want to hear anything about injuries. And don't give me the old "Indy mediocre defense beat a mediocre Baltimore offense." Baltimore has one of the best offenses in football, and they were held out of the endzone at home.Indy was "outplayed?" Please.

Breakdown the Colts with any of the teams they've beaten during this 5-0 November stretch, and the Colts are simply better.

I honestly have no idea what Paul is thinking with those comments. Love ya, man. But come on!