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Week Eleven Monday Night Football- Open Thread

Tonight we get to watch two AFC South division rivals duke it out in Houston. The Titans will face the Texans in a game that is absolutely HUGE for the Texans. The Titans are pretty much out of things. Even though they have won three in a row, a team does not start 0-6 and make the playoffs. Maybe this year bucks the trend, but I doubt it. They are playing spoiler.

For the Texans, they must win this game. With the Jaguars suddenly resurgent at 6-4, a loss to the Titans would put them at .500 as they head into their Week Twelve match-up with the Colts. The Texans are 1-2 in the division and have already lost at home to the Jags. A loss to the Titans would severely jeopardize their ability to make the playoffs.

So, tonight on ESPN's Monday Night Football, look for two our most heated rivals to really battle. The last time these two played, a fight broke out on the sideline.

BTW, speaking of ESPN and Monday Night Football:


Dear Tony Kornheiser*,

Go f*&k yourself. We strongly disagree with your opinion.


Colts Fans


* Tony Kornheiser said today on PTI (linked above) that the Patriots have a "virtual" win in Indy, despite the Colts actually, you know, beating the Patriots in reality two weeks ago. Thus, if the Pats beat the Saints in New Orleans next week, the Patriots are, in his mind, the best team in football. He also said his two NFL MVPs are Brett Favre and Cedric Benson. Thank you ESPN for firing this laughable schmuck from MNF. Your next step is to fire him from your network. In the meantime, we fans will stick our virtual foot up Tony Kornheiser's virtual ass.