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Week Twelve Thanksgiving Day Afternoon Game- Open Thread

The second game today is pretty vomit-inducing. So, if you need to purge BEFORE eating a big Thanksgiving dinner, maybe watch the first few minutes of the Cowboys v. Raiders contest.

Speaking of dinner, the menu in the BBS household this evening consists of:

Sea bass, pumpkin-encrusted

Salmon patties that are gluten-free, using corn flakes, egg, potato, and spinach to keep the patties together

Brussel sprouts

Sweet potato mash, with gravy

Cranberry sauce

Pumpkin pie, also gluten free

My spouse and I don't eat red meat or poultry. We also can't eat dairy or wheat because of allergies and dietary restrictions. So, things like turkey, stuffing, and the like have been off our Thanksgiving menu for years. To be honest, I don't miss them. The only meat I truly miss is bacon. Sweet, sweet, beautiful bacon.

Please share your Thanksgiving menu, and your thoughts on the games, in this open thread.