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Week Twelve Thanksgiving Day Evening Game- Open Thread

Stomach. So. Full.

Dare I say I made the best pumpkin pie this side of the Equator. Again, my spouse can't eat wheat. So, I had to make a pie crust using something other than regular flour. Not easy, but I used a recipe I found here and the crust turned out great! For those of you who have bad reactions to what, I highly recommend Gluten Free Girl. It's a great site.

Thanks again for sharing your Thanksgiving menus. Oh, and your comments about our menu were quite amusing. I especially loved this one. Just for that, I'm posting pictures later of what the food looked like.

After two early games of rather underwhelming football, maybe the Giants v. Broncos match-up will be a bit more entertaining. Keep sharing Thanksgiving menus, recipes, and experiences. Oh, and when you have a chance, chat about the game. Enjoy.