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Know Your Colts History: Things to be Thankful for Year-Round


Being a fan of the team that's won more times this decade than any other team and currently holds a 10-0 record is reason enough to be thankful all year long.  But more than just the jaw-dropping results, there's always the little things that I'm thankful for as a Colts fan.  The great thing about being a Colts fan is that you get the chance to notice these things after weeks upon weeks and years upon years of watching this team.  Now I'd like to take some time to expound about some of the things that I'm thankful for as a Colts fan.

  • I'm thankful Jim Caldwell has shown that college coaches can be successful in the NFL, as long as they're separated from their last college coaching gig by at least nine years during which time they're mentored by a Hall of Fame coach.
  • I'm thankful Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark find new ways to blow our minds with seemingly impossible catches each week.
  • I'm thankful Dallas Clark is on my fantasy team.
  • I'm thankful Larry Coyer wasn't afraid to take a defense built to play Cover 2 and throw in some wrinkles.
  • I'm thankful Hunter Smith went to the Redskins.  If it wasn't for him, Washington still might not have a touchdown this season.  I think it goes to show how powerful the Colts' offense is when a former punter can go to another team provide a scoring boost.  Then again, considering how many less punts he's had to kick over the years compared to punters on normal offenses, he should have been every bit as fresh as he was at the start of this season.
  • I'm thankful Bill Polian chose to re-sign Reggie Wayne instead of Edgerrin James.  It was tough to see Edge go at the time, but clearly he made the right decision.
  • I'm thankful Joseph Addai understands that there's more to being a running back that just collecting rushing yards.
  • I'm thankful Donald Brown has reminded me what it's like to watch a running back who can kick it into high gear.
  • I'm thankful Pierre Garçon has shown enough flashes of brilliance to make his youthful mistakes bearable.
  • I'm thankful Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, like the Energizer bunny, just keep going and going and going.  In an era where so many defensive lines rotate in and out on a constant basis, these two bring the heat every single down.
  • I'm thankful Antoine Bethea is in his 4th season, and I'm still waiting to see him make a rookie mistakes.
  • Oh, and Peyton Manning is pretty cool too.