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A slight change to the site this morning

Good morning everyone! While you are injecting various forms of caffeine into your system, allow me to comfort you with the news that no, you are not hallucinating. Stampede Blue does indeed look different this morning. But, unlike a couple of years ago, when this site was radically changed from version 1.0 to 2.0, the update to the site today is more of a version 2.5.

As you can see, the spacing between areas is a bit different, the top nav bar is a "tab view" instead of a standard link bar, and the site controls area has been moved to the right. In addition, the site's "sections" have been pushed closer to the top and the site's background wallpaper has been changed ever-so-slightly. All the SB Nation blogs have gone through this little refresh, and like you this morning I'm still getting working to get over the new look.

Feel free to chat this morning about the changes. Or, if you want to talk football, please chat about what Bill Polian said last night on his radio show (Tip to ANGELSFAITH).