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Former Colts Edgerrin James and Shane Andrus cut; Jason David finds a new home

We shift this morning from the current team to some old-time Colts who have made the news of late.

Apparently, the Seahawks feel their 2-5 start might have something to do with Edgerrin James being on their roster. They cut the 11 year pro yesterday, just two days after he passed Marcus Allen for 10th all-time on the NFL rushing list. It seems kind of silly for Seattle to sign Edge after training camp, have him cram to learn a brand new offense, barely play him, and then cut him. But, then again, it is the Seahawks, and there is a reason their team is 2-5.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also cut a former Colt, letting Shane Andrus go. He attempted one FG in three games with Tampa Bay, missing it. Buc'Em suggests that Andrus was erractic at practice. Funny, but Andrus was nothing short of brilliant during practices and games here in Indy. Maybe the combustable atmosphere in Tampa Bay had something to do with Andrus' consistency. A coach who has lost control of his team, an incompetent defensive coordinator, a clueless general manager, and cheap owners make for an 0-7 start. This was the team, and the franchise, Tony Dungy built. Now, look at it. Since 2003, the year after Jon Gurden won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy's team, the Bucs have gone 45-58 and have won zero playoff games.

Finally, Jason David has signed with the Detroit Lions. David has taken some shots of late from fans after his disastrous tenure with the New Orleans Saints. The "genius" that was Saints management in 2007 decided to sign a Cover-2 corner (David), asked him to play man, and then were shocked he couldn't do it. I remind all of the haters that Jason David was the starting CB on the Super Bowl Championship Colts team in 2006. He played very well that season both in coverage and in run support. So, again, if David could start and play well on a championship team, that says more (in my eyes) about the lackluster defensive coaching in New Orleans than it does JD.

By the way, those defensive coaches in New Orleans were fired this past off-season. Gregg Williams now runs their defense, and the team is 7-0.

They run a lot of Cover-2 in Detroit under head coach Jim Schwartz. JD should do fine.