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Seahawks Lost Their Edge, Could The Colts Find Theirs Once Again?

Uh oh, here we go again boys and girls.

Edgerrin James was recently cut by the Seahawks for reasons unknown. Some speculate it was due to lack of production, others believe the Seahawks want to go young. Both are legitimate I believe it was because of the latter, but that's just my opinion.

Naturally every Colts fan is going to be asking themselves whether the Colts should consider signing Edge. There's no hiding the fact that the Colts running game is abysmal at best right now. Rookie running back sensation Donald Brown has shown what a game-breaking running back can do when put behind a mediocre line, busting out some huge gains.

The disturbing thing regarding the running game to me is the way the Colts handling the situation right now. While Donald Brown was sidelined with a shoulder injury this past Sunday, the entire workload was put on Addai's shoulders. As I mentioned in my latest rant, it's puzzling to me as to why none of the other running backs were used in that game. Going into last season everyone was very high on Mike Hart. A 6th round pick out of Michigan, he showed us a lot of grit in the pre-season games he played. He showed that same determination with the two carries he had in the Baltimore game before he tore his ACL. The Colts did the proper thing this past offseason in drafting the leading rusher in the nation in the first round this past April, but we still deserve to see what Mike Hart is able to do, especially with him recovering from that devastating knee injury. This was a perfect game for him to be tested in my opinion. The 49ers run defense is quite stout and I believe we could have learned a lot on how healthy Mike Hart's knee is, but that wasn't the case. He was no where to be seen and that is extremely frustrating.

Chad Simpson on the other hand is nothing more than a role player and that's all he'll ever be. There's nothing wrong with that, but when you're the #3 running back on the depth chart with the #2 guy on the sideline, I expect to see more than ONE carry out of you. That wasn't the case.

So again I ask, what gives?

Before I answer that question, let's get back to Edge.

The last time I brought up the idea of bringing Edge back it was a melee. I was being attacked left and right by the faithful of Stampede Blue for merely posing a question; would you cut Addai to bring back Edge? I never stated what my stance on that topic was, but yet I was lambasted to no end nonetheless. It's all good though, it didn't hurt my feelings. It was just a very controversial topic, and you all know just how much I love to bring up controversial topics.

Now to answer my question about the running back depth issue, my opinion is this. The Colts showed me that they have absolutely no trust in the running back depth behind Donald Brown. By not even letting Mike Hart hit the field and only giving Chad Simpson ONE carry is just absurd.

In knowing that, the possiblity of Edge returning isn't nearly as crazy as you all may think. I think Edge is finally realizing that his days are numbered and unless he wants to waste a few more years on garbage teams he's going to have to suck it up and assume a mentor role on a good team for league minimum. What better team to do that on than the Colts, his one true home.

Granted he may not hit the field all that often, but ask yourself this: Who do you trust more, Edge or Hart and Simpson? My answer is Edge times infinity.