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Anthony Gonzalez might go under the knife

The rumor mill is buzzing that Anthony Gonzalez's season may be over:

The word is that [Gonzalez is] asking Dr. James Andrews, who is likely to confirm that he's got more than sprained PCL. The thought is that it is likely torn.

The long term health of Gonzo is important, and I do not want to see the Colts pull a 2007 Marvin Harrison with Gonzo's injury. If he can't go by December, IR him and use the roster spot on someone who can help the team. Right now, Gonzo is not helping the team.

With the emergence of Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie, along with the signing of Hank Baskett, the loss of Gonzo is not that severe. I know some are "worried" that Garcon is too inconsistent, and others are pissed Baskett dropped a few balls against the 49ers Sunday. Calm down. Relax. The wide receivers are fine. We don't have Aaron Morehead back there anymore. We actually have guys who can, you know, do stuff.

Back to Gonzo, I'd very much love it if he can play again this year. If he can't, the team has the talent to move on.