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Per Adam Shefter: Bob Sanders has torn biceps tendon; done for season

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Adam Shefter keeps bringing the hits, via Twitter:

News gets worse for Colts. As reported on ESPN, Colts safety Bob Sanders has a torn biceps tendon. He now will be out for the year.

Believe it or not, I'm actually kind of glad. No, I am not happy to see one of my favorite players lost for the season, again. But, the merri-go-round of Bob Sanders on the injury list was a constant source of frustration for me. Will he? Won't he? Can he?

Now, the distraction is gone.

Bob has not proven he can stay healthy over any consistent period of time, and I think his days with the Colts are numbered. It's sad, but "great" players are not injury prone, and Bob pretty much defines the term. He's a super guy and I very much hope he heals up so he can continue his career. But his constant presence in the training room is a distraction this team does not need. They need to move forward.

For the Colts, it's next man up. Melvin Bullitt has played at a Pro Bowl level in 2009, and deserved to start even when Bob was "healthy." Again, as I wrote earlier today, the Colts are getting their "bump" for the year right now. Whether or not they are a great team will depend on how they respond.

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[UPDATE]: The Indy Star has a little different spin on the Sanders injury. They say Sanders suffered and elbow injury and will miss "an undetermined amount of time." The article does not state whether Sanders was placed on IR, nor do they collaborate ESPN's report that Sanders suffered a torn tendon in his biceps.

[UPDATE]: It's official; Bob is done for 2009. Tom Santi has been signed to the active roster off the practice squad.