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Dear Bill Polian: Please sign Jack Williams ASAP

The Denver Broncos decided that a 35-year-old washed up corner who has been out of football for over a year (Ty Law) is better than their 2008 4th round pick out of Kent State: Jack Williams. This means Williams will need to pass through waivers before he can become a free agent. If he makes it through waivers, Bill Polian and the Colts very much need to sign him.

We did a write-up on Williams back in 2008, just prior to the NFL Draft.

Williams has started since his sophomore year, and his production has remained consistent year after year. The other thing you learn from skywalker's diary is Jack Williams is ALWAYs around the football. He recorded 4 recovered fumbles, 4 pass break-ups, 4 INTs, and 3 sacks his senior year. Williams also played a lot of special teams at Kent State, earning him the team's award for Defensive Back of the Year and Special Teams Player of the Year.

Williams is very much suited to playing corner in a Tampa-2. He is strong in run support and seems to tackle well. Last season, he only had 13 tackles. Through seven games this year, he already has 14 tackles and 3 passes defended. With Marlin Jackson on IR and Kelvin Hayden out until December, Jack Williams is exactly the kind of DB the Colts need for nickel and dime defenses. He would also boost an already excellent special teams group.

So, yeah. Indy should sign him already.

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