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Pre-Game Chit-Chat

We're injured.

We're "ripe" for the pickin'.

The Texans know this is a big game and they simply "must win."

Blah. Blah. Blah.

By reading the lay of the media landscape, the Colts are supposed to lose this game so the National Press can claim Indy was a "fraud" for winning 7 games against bad teams to start the year, and the Texans become this year's version of the Jaguars. That's the script it seems everyone is reading from. It's the same old, tired melodrama everyone likes to play up prior to a pivotal game featuring the Colts.

Do you get the sense that media people are just sick of seeing Indy win? I do.

I get the sense the normal cadre of media douchbags, like Jason Whitlock, Bob Kravitz, and the entire ESPN network are sharpening their steak knives, ready to carve into the wounded side of the Colts.

Anyway, use this pre-game chat thread to flap your virtual lips until 12:45. Go Colts!