Searching for Titans and Manning fans in Nashville area

[UPDATE]: This FanPost is from The Tennessean's Gary Estwick, who is kind enough (and brilliant enough) to reach out to Colts fans and Peyton Manning fans by directly contacting blogs like ours. Please respond to Gary's request using the contact information below. Thanks. This FanPost was edited slightly to make it look a bit better on the frontpage. --bbs


Hey Colts fans... I'm looking to write a story about an interesting dilemma some football fans in Tennessee find themselves in twice a year.

As you know, Peyton Manning has quite a few fans in the state, including in Nashville, because of his ties to the Univ. of Tennessee. A lot of these same people are Titans fans to some degree. (I’m sure a few of you guys will say there’s no such thing, but there is)

I would like to chat with a few of these fans Tuesday and possibly Wednesday about the challenges of balancing allegiances. If interested, shoot me an e-mail at and I'll contact you. Thanks for your consideration.

Gary Estwick, The Tennessean (

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